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How to Choose a bong

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How to choose a bong?

There are thousands of bongs on the australian market. We can classify them in several big types to be able to make a choice according to the use that you will make of it: house, ballad, party, every day once in a while etc ...

1: Plastic and acrylic bongs

The traditional bong as we often imagine, is mostly made of a kind of plastic: acrylic.

It is a material that has many advantages: for the manufacturer it is inexpensive, easy to transform, can be molded and worked in all forms. For the user, it is often economical, (although there are different kinds and quality of acrylic that plays on the price), lightweight, resistant, colorful, transparent. There are all sizes since the mini bongs of only a few centimeters, small, medium, large to see very large more than a meter!

2: Glass bongs

Glass bongs can be quite simple, but they are often collector's items, made by glassblowers. There is a great diversity of glass bong, with ice bongs as for plastic ones. However percolators are really unique to glass models. These devices will ensure a cooling and a "cleaning" of the fumes.

3: Bamboo bongs

This type of bong is for those who love old school style! Indeed, the oldest bongs were made of bamboo wood. It's a return to your roots! It captures the tars and impurities and his cleaning is more complicated.

4: Silicone  bongs

The fact that a bong is made from silicone gives it two big advantages: it does not break and it really cleans easily! The chimney is disassembled in 2 to simplify maintenance. So do not hesitate even if you are awkward (e), this bong will be your safe bet! It is the ideal bong for the conviviality at a party without risking the breakage.


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