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Zoom on the glass bongs

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Zoom on the glass bongs



There are Bongs made of many materials, from the most traditional wood, to the

most modern pyrex, through an intermediate range made with all types of

materials, such as plastic or metal. If there are so many choices, why are laboratory

glass bongs so reputable, despite their relative fragility? For several reasons: firstly,

pyrex  glass, also called hard glass, is the material with which laboratory

instruments are made, for its high resistance to heat and shock; also the thickness

of the parts may vary from 0.3 to 0.7mm, we will gain in strength and tranquility,

these accessories have a very long life if you take care.


Then, the glass is a totally neutral material, that is to say it does not react to heat,

will not release particles, will not alter the taste of herbs, and will clean very easily,

being most sterile . In this way, those who will turn to this type of instrument will

enjoy very pure flavours, especially by combining it with the vaporization, which will

allow to appreciate in a more precise way the various perfumes of each variety than

by smoking them. From a medicinal point of view, it is very useful for its

characteristics mentioned, allowing the patient to be certain not to inhale other

undesirable substances or particles, which could worsen its state or interfere in the

hoped-for good.


Choosing a glass bong means giving yourself multiple opportunities to improve your

smoking experience. Many bong accessories exist today as bong chambers. They

will be an expansion of your original glass bong. These bong chambers are generally

intended to purify the smoke and / or cool it to give you the best possible

sensations. You will find bong chambers with a tar catcher included, an ice catcher,

a honey comb disk. Some bongs and bong chambers can combine different types of

percolators at the same time. This is the case for example of the

Rebellion Glass Bong brand 420 Cartel


It should be added that a glass bong is easy to maintain even with daily or intense

use. Many products exist on the market. Thus, you will find prevention products that

you can add before each use in your water like Rez Block dropper


The use of the prevention products is a good start but it will not dispense you from a regular

cleaning with the help of an appropriate product. This action will allow you to extend

the life of your favorite glass bong and especially to keep all the pure flavours of your

smoke. Down Under offers its product  Premium Bong Cleaner

based on 100% biologic product with a neutral pH. You will be able to use it safely for you and your



In brief the glass bong is now an object that can be collected! The manufacturers

like 420 Cartel, Billy Mate, Down Under,Tornado make real works of art, sometimes handmade .


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