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Rush Liquid Incense - Rush Poppers 10ml

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Product Length: 5.0000CM
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Rush Liquid Incense - Rush Poppers
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Rush Poppers - Rush for it!


Product Description 

Rush poppers are the liquid solutions that are sold under the category of liquid incense. These volatile rush popper solutions come in packed in the form of small plastic made bottles and they are releasing intoxicating vapours of the packed solutions as soon as one opens the lid of these small bottles. Rush poppers are used in recreational activities. The small bottles that they come in mainly consist of alkyl nitrite and other such solutions, which produce a type of favourable environment best for recreational activities in a person’s mind and its effect can be felt in person in its blood vessels as well. All this creates a rapid sensation, which makes recreational activities even more enjoyable.


Rush poppers and sex? You bet!

Rush makes sex great. Rush gives you a better orgasm. In fact, this tiny bottle of poppers makes so much difference that many of us never want to go without. Not that poppers are addictive; isobutyl nitrite, the stuff that gives you that special poppers rush, leaves the body quickly.



Isobutyl nitrite? Ain't it amyl?

Isobutyl nitrite is not to be confused with amyl nitrate, and nitrites in general are not to be confused with nitrates. Amyl nitrate is a prescription-only drug. Rush poppers contain isobutyl nitrite, and so are freely available. Yes, nitrites are legal.

 Oh, did I mention sex & Rush?

"A bottle of Rush poppers can make mediocre sex good, and good sex spectacular. Instead of being "me having sex," I become sex itself, and the experience can be overwhelming."

Well, we didn't say this, somebody else did, but it pretty much summarizes what Rush can do

The first effect of Rush, or any good poppers, is to totally relax the muscles in your body. But also, poppers cause vasodilation, or relaxation of blood vessels.

This brings that nice, warm sensation and causes large amounts of oxygen-bearing blood to rush through your brain, so giving you that special "rush."

The increase in oxygen leads to a sudden intensification of positive emotions, and this increases one's lust and lack of inhibition, encouraging a sense of raw animal sexuality. But there is more.

Rush poppers make orgasms feel like they last longer. And some people say it makes their sexual organs feel massive.


Gay? Rush to get yours for the weeekend!

Rush is not a gay drug, as some think, but lots of gay guys use Rush during sex. Rush works for gays just like it does for straights, but gay guys especially like the fact that good poppers help loosen up their sphincter, so making anal intercourse easier.




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